Finding Your Passion

By Greg Hook

It €™s week 4 and now we have a full load and the grumblings of the day to day struggles sometimes are tough €¦classes, homework, studying, papers, midterms, work later on tonight, and the squad wants to hang out. Whether you €™re a freshman starting or a senior in the process of graduating, having patience and keeping your passion has excelled me to being the best restaurateur and college student I €™ve ever been.

Most of us will start college with an image of what we want to become and while I went to community college, that image was teaching. As I was working full-time in a friends €™ family restaurant, I completed a Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in math & sciences. At the time, I thought I would go on to receive a bachelor degree in education. However, over the course of my education at community college, the image I had of myself changed. Every day I challenged myself €¦is this what I want? I realized my true passion was helping and serving others and that I would be much happier in a career that involved working in restaurants. But wait, did I just waste two years? Am I sure I really want to go into restaurants? What does that entail? I had to be patient to find out.

When you don €™t have THE answer, which *hint *hint*, you most likely never will, go with your own gut. My answer was easy €¦I would move to Philadelphia, obtain an Associate degree really quick in Restaurant Management, and then move back to NY and become a manager at the restaurant I €™ve been at forever. However, Walnut Hill College opened my eyes to a much different restaurant industry, and even broader, the hospitality industry in general. Whether its quick service, sit-down, casual, fine-dining, hotels, American food, international food, wines, or spirits, the hospitality industry never ends and neither should your passion.

I feel confident I found mine because I am here now in Week 4 of my last year having chosen to continue into the Bachelor program. I work in fine-dining in center city Philadelphia and have an image of myself managing within the fine-dining industry, or finding a way to teach others about the restaurant business. With a wealth of knowledge, skills, and a network that is ever growing, I have more going on day to day than ever in my life, but I find energy in remembering the original passion I had. When I wonder how sometimes a menial task is applicable to my life, I remember to be patient because hard work pays off. Enjoy today and what it has to offer €¦whether it €™s a new cooking style, wine variety, or management technique, think back to why you started it all and that image you had of yourself. Is it different? Is it the same? Just be patient and keep your passion going.

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-Greg Hook, Student Leader

Restaurant Management, Graduating July 2017

Tips for Success at the Career Fair on October 5th

by Thaddeus Meyers

September is just about over and everyone €™s favorite month is almost here. That €™s right, October! We all know that October means our favorite and most useful event that our college has to offer is approaching quickly €¦the CAREER FAIR on October 5th!

October 5th  Wednesday

9:00am to 12:00pm  

European Courtyard

This exclusive fair connects the most successful and innovative hospitality companies

With the best & brightest upcoming hospitality stars (our students and alumni)

Vendors are looking to fill  internships  and job positions in

Culinary,  Hospitality Management,  

Pastry and  Restaurant Management.

Here are some extremely useful tips to look good, feel good, and most importantly make a great first impression to prospective employers.


Making eye contact to an employer is the most important trait to keep in mind while trying to land a job. Growing up in the generation of cell phones and technology we sometimes get in the habit of looking down when we speak to people which is not something an employer wants to see.


Be sure to shake your fellow prospective employers hand with a smile when meeting them. A simple firm handshake while making eye contact will go a long way with employers. People always say you learn a lot about a person by the way they shake your hand.


The key to succeeding in anything we do in life is being confident. While speaking to an employer be sure to be confident and sound confident in your ability to perform in a work environment. No matter the experience we have, we all have to start somewhere and being confident in yourself will always be beneficial.


The easiest and most common step to miss is dressing appropriately for career fair. Dressing business professional reflects you as a student and our wonderful college. If you are reading this and wondering €œhow do I know if I am dressed appropriately? €, just go with the safe route and over dress. My rule of thumb personally as a male going to career fair or a job interview is to wear a full suit with a tie because you can always take your jacket off if need be.


Being comfortable is great, but being too comfortable in a professional environment is not great. When we speak to prospective employers or even our peers during career fair, I recommend to try our best to be as polite as possible and remember our manners. A please and thank you will only benefit your chances of landing a job or internship at career fair.

I hope that these recommendations are useful and you try to make the most of your career fair! Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be scared. Be confident, smart, and professional and you will have no problem having a fantastic career fair. Also, do not forget to check out our Careers & Alumni page for various resources to support your career!

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Thaddeus Meyers, Student Leader

B.S. in Culinary Arts Candidate, Class of March 2017

Attending a Small College

by Kady Fox

During these past two years at Walnut Hill College, I have learned how much it means to me to attend a smaller institution. At Walnut Hill College, we are treated like hospitality professionals, just like how we expect to be treated outside of college in the work force. Each new start of students grow together and build a strong bond, whether you see it within your own group or you witnessed it in the most recent graduated class of students. This bond becomes very noticeable in the Associate’s degree program trip to either France or Florida. I enjoy coming to class and spending time on campus because I feel as if I am learning every day from my classmates, including both under and upperclassmen.

At small institutions like Walnut Hill College, students get the freedom to express their passion with the support of faculty and staff. Each member of our faculty is passionate and knowledgeable about their specific subject area. They also are passionate about helping students succeed which helps to create an amazing atmosphere within the classroom. There is always someone in this college willing to help turn a passion or idea into a reality. Through the assistance of our faculty, we have had students start with creating custom menus and follow through the process all the way to turning those menus into a full-fledged, functioning restaurant.

The community at this college is strong and I am proud to attend, support, and be supported by my fellow classmates and staff at Walnut Hill College. To meet various staff and faculty members at Walnut Hill College, click here.

Kady Fox, Student Leader

B.S. in Hotel Management Candidate, Class of July 2017

Tips to Have the Most Success at Walnut Hill College

by Emily Wistar

It €™s that time of year again!  Whether you €™re starting college for the first time, coming back for your second or third year, or changing careers altogether, you can never be too prepared. Here are a few tips I have come up with to help make the coming year as successful and enjoyable as possible.

1. Get Organized

One great thing about Walnut Hill College is that the classes are so diverse which comes with a diverse set of tools. Make sure you keep your kitchen tools clean and organized so you are able to keep up with class work. It is easy to just toss things back into your backpack at the end of a long, hot, kitchen class, but I highly recommend keeping everything in its place mise-en-place!). Try to invest in a utility bag, which can be easily found at any hardware store that has several compartments and pouches to keep your tools right where you need them. If you €™re a commuter like me, keep your car stocked with an extra uniform, pens, notebooks, etc. You never know what you may forget at home.

2. Read your Course Success Guide

It may look a bit wordy, but it really is there to aid in your, you guessed it, success. You will find important dates and assignments neatly outlined, as well as resources for additional information and grading requirements. Have it handy to stay on top of upcoming assignments and keep yourself organized.

3. Know What Your Professors Expect of You

Get to know them! We are lucky be able to attend a college that is so much like a family €¦You €™re not just a face in the crowd. The Professors and Chefs at Walnut Hill College really do care about your continued growth and want you to get the most out of your stay here. I €™m not saying to become a teacher €™s pet, but that you take the time to get to know them. Figuring out what is expected of you and doing your best to achieve it will help start your year off smoothly.

4. Get Involved!

There is so much to be a part of here at Walnut Hill College. Almost every day there is some kind of fun event or club meeting to attend. Not only will you rack up those essential Student Life and Learning points, but you have the opportunity to learn something outside of your major, and connect with your fellow students. If you can €™t find a club you €™d like to join, talk to a Professor about starting your own! Take advantage of all there is to do here, inside and outside of the classroom.

5. Connect with Career Services

We €™re all attending college to do what? Get a good job! Well lucky for us, we have an amazing Career Services Department that is ready and able to help you land that dream interview. It €™s never too early to start thinking of where you want to be when you graduate (trust me, it goes by SO much faster than you €™d think) and Career Services is there to help you every step of the way.

6. Fight Procrastination

As difficult as it can be, don €™t save that presentation or research paper until the last minute. You €™ll feel so much better being prepared. Get a planner or make a chart to help you meet your goals. Projects will seem much less stressful if you work on them a little at a time.

7. Schedule Time for Yourself

Between being a full-time student, work, family, friends, and the hundreds of other roles you play day to day, don €™t forget to give yourself some down time.

I hope you find some of these tips useful and enjoy the time you have here at Walnut Hill College! Make the most of your experiences, get outside of your comfort zone, and take advantage of all the great opportunities in store for you. Check out our Student Life page for information on clubs and exciting student activities on campus!

Emily Wistar, Student Leader

B.S. in Pastry Arts Candidate, Class of March 2017

€œA person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. €  – Albert Einstein