The Student Leadership Development Institute is dedicated to inspiring, mentoring, and leading as colleagues, as we strive toward the growth and success of our learning community by representing the spirit of hospitality and professionalism at Walnut Hill College.

The Student Leadership Development Institute (SLDI) at Walnut Hill College is dedicated to developing the future leaders of the hospitality industry. Students who graduate from the College with an associate degree in any of our majors are eligible for the program. To be a part of the SLDI, students must be nominated by our faculty and staff and be accepted into one of our baccalaureate degree programs. Once nominated, students are invited to apply to the Institute and engage in a rigorous selection process that includes a review of their academic transcript, résumé, and references and an interview process.

Once accepted into the SLDI, our Student Leaders complete weekly leadership assignments in a variety of roles at the College. In return for their successful completion of these assignments, they are awarded a financial grant to be used toward tuition, housing, books, and other program needs. Student Leaders engage in a variety of leadership development activities, including:

  • Exclusive leadership workshops and seminars
  • Faculty mentoring programs
  • Fellowship coaching programs
  • Development of a leadership portfolio
  • Civic engagement and community service activities

Introducing Our Student Leaders!

Our Core Values

In the pursuit of our mission, the Student Leaders will embody these core values. We strive to uphold the following in:


Focusing our operational efforts to perform in the most sustainable way possible.


Strengthening the relationships between students and staff and between the WHC campus and University City.


Encouraging lifelong learning by creating strong foundations of collegiate work and work ethic.

Professional Development

Exploring the opportunities of networking, teamwork, mentorships, and self-reflection.


Using positive and effective communication inside and outside of the classroom to meet goals.


Respecting others and ourselves and keeping an open mind to new ideas, flavors, and experiences.

For more information, please contact:

Akita Brooks

Program Director, Hospitality Management

Director of the Student Leadership Development Institute

(267) 295-2373