Steel Yourself

You can learn basic knife skills at any culinary school. At Walnut Hill College, foundational techniques are just the beginning. We start with the fundamentals, and progress through a unique blend of hands-on, experiential learning centered around our operational kitchen and restaurant at Bistro Perrier. You’ll do all of this as a member of our close-knit campus community, so that when you graduate you have developed lifelong bonds, skills, and opportunities.

At Walnut Hill College, you’ll study with expert instructors, learning on a vibrant, accessible campus in the heart of University City in Philadelphia, a city full of professional possibilities when you graduate – and a stone’s throw from countless other opportunities across the region, and beyond.

Our wide array of degree programs offer exceptional value, giving you the essential skills and industry knowledge you need to hit the ground running from day one, and to thrive in your field for the life of your career.

As a Walnut Hill College graduate, you’ll be in good company, too. Our alums have taken their talents around the country and the world – and a few have shown up on TV cooking competitions – while others have made their marks closer to home, including Philly icons like Emilio Mignucci of DiBruno Bros. and Frank Oliveri of Pat’s King of Steaks.

Is a career in foodservice or hospitality right for you? This short quiz will suggest the right program and career path for you, based on your strengths, personality, and interests.

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Myriad Degrees. Infinite Potential.

We offer three specialized associate’s degrees to help you launch your career in foodservice or hospitality. Upon completion of an associate degree you can continue on to  pursue a full bachelor’s degree that simultaneously lets you specialize your skill set while developing the critical skills you’ll need to lead wherever your life takes you.

Associate Degree Programs

Get the core skills you need to thrive in culinary arts, pastry arts, or hospitality.

Culinary Arts

Through hands-on practice, you’ll hone the fundamental technical, creative, and professional skills you need to launch a career in professional kitchens.

Pastry Arts

Our experiential program will teach you the precision and artistry of making pastry, bread, cakes, and more, giving you the skills you need to start a sweet career.

Hospitality Management

Get the leadership, business, and operational knowledge you need for leadership positions in any hospitality organization.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Take your education further, with comprehensive, specialized instruction to enable you to be a leader in your field of choice.

Students seeking admission into the college bachelor degree programs must complete an application with the admissions department and have an earned associate degree in the related program of study from Walnut Hill College or another accredited institution.

Culinary Arts

Learn to turn vision into practice with a curriculum that blends advanced kitchen training and business development courses, preparing you to run a kitchen as a chef or to launch your own business as restauranteur.

Pastry Arts

Our experiential program will teach you the precision and artistry of making pastry, bread, cakes, and more, giving you the skills you need to start a sweet career.

Hotel Management

You’ll learn to lead teams and manage the multi-faceted operations of a hotel to create memorable experiences for your guests.

Restaurant Management

A restaurant needs more than great cuisine to succeed, it needs a leader who knows food, finances, and organizational management. This degree gives you those skills.

Financial Aid

You are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. We can help with the finances.

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