You are one step closer.

A step closer to realizing your passion. A step closer to a path that will lead you to a rewarding career in your chosen field. A step closer to your future.

We know you’re not like the rest. We realize you crave a sense of accomplishment that can be achieved only through doing something you love.

We understand exactly how you feel.

Only you can nurture the drive inside of you, and only you can decide to follow your dreams.

At Walnut Hill College, we strive for excellence. Our founding principles rest on honing the knowledge and skills of our students in every aspect of the hospitality industry and doing it all in what we call “WHC Style.”

We are not like the rest. We live and breathe hospitality and, in our eyes, you are our most valued guest. Our college offers the benefits of a large university while providing you the individual attention you deserve.

Our facilities are as unique as our students. Our staff is dedicated to your professional success and personal growth.

Our job is to help you discover your passion and make it your profession.

And, like you, we live for this stuff.

Points of Distinction

Boutique College with A World-Class Education

We are not your typical college or university. Walnut Hill College is an accredited, independent, degree-granting institution centered on luxury hospitality education. We thrive in our boutique environment, which allows our students to flourish and get to know their instructors and classmates well. With an average of 600 students each year, our faculty-to-student ratio is 9:1 and gives our students significant one-on-one time with their instructors.

Tuition-Paid Travel to France, England, Florida Resorts & the Bahamas

We offer our students travel experiences of a lifetime. At Walnut Hill College, the world truly becomes your classroom as you take a gastronomic tour of France or a Florida resort tour and cruise to the Bahamas, all while working toward your associate degree. As a Bachelor student, you’ll even enjoy an extraordinary trip to England!

Notable & Engaged Alumni Network

Our alumni speak for themselves. With a large network of several thousand alumni, we keep our graduates connected with our current students through programming like the Alumni Spotlight Series, Industry Spotlights, and much more. We take pride in having alumni who are committed to engaging with our students and serving as a vital resource for job and networking opportunities. This is especially valuable since our alumni manage, own, and operate many of the top restaurants, bakeries, and hotels in Philadelphia. Notable examples include Will BYOB, Ela, The Gaslight, Lowe’s Hotels, Fuel, Lacroix at The Rittenhouse, and The Fountain at The Four Seasons.

Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty not only know how to teach in a classroom setting but also are experienced hospitality professionals. Whether they once led a large-scale kitchen operation or executed their own successful restaurant, our chef instructors know the fundamentals and real-world requirements for success in a professional kitchen. Similarly, our Restaurant and Hotel Management instructors have trained at some of the most renowned and refined establishments across the country in all areas of hospitality and fine dining.

Hands-On Training within Your Major and Beyond

Hands-on training is essential to your education and success in the hospitality industry. Walnut Hill College offers students not only extensive hands-on experience through classwork, but also the opportunity to cross-train between front-of-house and back-of-house operations in our four majors. This way, you receive the most from any program of study you choose.

In The Heart of University City & Philadelphia’s Thriving Hospitality Industry

Located in the University City area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Walnut Hill College is at the heart of one of America’s most unique cultural centers. Some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges, including the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and The University of the Sciences neighbor our campus. To top it all off, Philadelphia has quickly become one of the hottest cities for new restaurants and hospitality jobs and ranks high on every entrepreneur’s list of places to live and work.

An Exciting Campus Atmosphere with Student Activities, Clubs, and Special Events

Life on campus has never been more exciting! With over 30 clubs and a variety of fun activities and exclusive industry events to fill our calendars, students are never at a loss for entertainment. We believe that the best college environment fosters a good work-life balance for students, so it’s important for us to provide meaningful extracurricular activities.

Internship & Career Placement Services that Set You Up for Success in Any Industry

We strive to set you up for success. Our Career Success Office will work with you during your degree to find the right internship or apprenticeship to bring you closer to realizing your true passion. And throughout each year, we hold campus-wide career fairs and private recruiting sessions with some of the top names in the industry, including Aramark, Campbell’s, The Four Seasons, and Starr Restaurant Group, to name a few. At Walnut Hill College, student success is our top priority.