Transfer Students

Transfer students are more than welcome at Walnut Hill College! No matter where you started your college career, we’ll help you explore your interests, finish your degree, and find the perfect path to success in the hospitality industry. We can’t wait to have you call Walnut Hill College home.

In addition to the standard application requirements, the Office of Admissions will need a high school transcript and all college transcripts if you have completed less than 60 college credits.

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer students from accredited postsecondary institutions may submit their transcripts for a course-by-course evaluation to determine if credits are transferable. Students from non-accredited institutions may be eligible for transfer credit if we determine that completed coursework meets appropriate levels of content and intensity. However, there is no guarantee that transfer credits will be accepted. Our student success advisors will review your request to determine if any credits may be transferred toward your degree at Walnut Hill College.

To have a student success advisor review your transfer credit request, please complete the following:

  • Download and complete the Transfer Credit Application.
  • Submit an official, sealed transcript from every postsecondary institution you have attended.
  • For each course you would like us to evaluate, submit a separate Transfer Credit Application form with a course description or syllabus.

All requests must be submitted to a student success advisor at least one month prior to your first term at Walnut Hill College. Students will receive a notification by mail from the Academic Advising Department stating whether their request was approved or denied. If approved, students must then make an appointment with a student success advisor for their initial transfer credit meeting.

Students are also responsible for meeting with their financial aid representative to discuss the following procedures and requirements.

Transfer Student Policies and Procedures for Federal and State Financial Aid

TITLE IV (Federal Student Aid) Policy

  • Prior to disbursing Title IV (Federal Student Aid) funds to a transfer student, Walnut Hill College must obtain a financial aid history for a student who has received federal student aid at a prior postsecondary institution and must supply The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) with identifying information about the student to receive updates through the Transfer Student Monitoring Process.
  • Through the Transfer Student Monitoring Process, the financial aid history is used to identify students who may be ineligible for federal student aid due to issues such as exceeding aggregate loan limits, loan default, and/or overpayment on a grant and/or student loan.

Walnut Hill College’s TITLE IV (Federal Student Aid) Procedure

  • To adhere to the Title IV policy, undergraduates who wish to transfer credits into their program of choice must provide official documentation of approval of transfer credits, and enrollment status must be presented to the financial aid administrator along with the financial aid file to determine Title IV eligibility.

PHEAA – Pennsylvania State Grant Policy

  • When certifying eligibility for the PHEAA State Grant for a recipient who has transferred to Walnut Hill College, the financial aid administrator must complete the Pennsylvania State Grant Academic Progress testing. The grant should not be credited until the student or school at which the student received prior state grants provides Walnut Hill College with the information needed to test academic progress and eligibility determined. The certifying financial aid administrator may delay and/or reject the transfer student’s eligibility for lack of progress until the student provides the academic transcript in accordance with the PHEAA State Grant Academic Progress policy.

Walnut Hill College’s PHEAA – Pennsylvania State Grant Procedure

  • To adhere to the PHEAA State Grant policy and prior to the final crediting of funds to transfer students, a copy of the official academic transcript from the prior postsecondary institution where a PHEAA state grant was credited must be submitted to Walnut Hill College’s Office of Financial Aid to complete the academic progress testing.
  • PHEAA State Grant final crediting is also reviewed and confirmed at the certification of the fall, winter, spring, summer, and annual reconciliation rosters.

International Students

An international student body is the epitome of the world-class education we offer at Walnut Hill College. Our international students enrich our campus culture and bring myriad perspectives on food and hospitality to the table. And in a city as diverse as Philadelphia, there is no limit to where our students can explore their talents and creativity.

Admissions Requirements for International Students

    • A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 480 or higher is required if English is not your native language.
    • International high school transcripts must be sent to World Education Services for credential evaluation.
    • Official bank statements are needed to verify sufficient funds to cover the cost of the educational program and living expenses for the first academic year.
    • A SEVIS Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status,” must be submitted to the American Consulate in your home country. Please visit this page for more information on the Form I-20.