This scholarship is eligible for students currently enrolled in programs just like Walnut Hill College!

Free money?

Yes! It is here!

Take advantage!

Did you know that each year over $100 million dollars in scholarships and two billion dollars (yes, billion with a B!) in grants go unclaimed?

That is a lot of money left unclaimed on the table!

Why? Most often, students simply do not apply! That’s it!

In order to be awarded a scholarship you MUST apply.

The NEWH – The Hospitality Industry Network are awarding scholarships to anyone/any gender in college pursuing degrees related to hospitality, culinary arts, pastry arts, restaurant management or hotel management.

YES! That means you! They want to support your education with money.

What do you need to do?

It is simple. APPLY! TODAY!

The Philadelphia chapter of NEWH is awarding up to $14,000 in scholarships.

Start by answering these questions to learn if you are qualified:

  • Are you currently enrolled in college?
  • Are you pursuing a degree in hospitality, culinary art, pastry arts, restaurant management or hotel management?
  • Do you have a GPA of 3.0; which is a B average or an 83 to 86?
  • Are you either a brand new freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior?

If you answered YES to those three simple questions – guess what?


Now that you know that you qualify here are the next steps:

  1. Complete the HEWH scholarship application. Click here:
  2. Obtain as many letters of reference as possible – the more – the better! You will need at least three.
  3. They should be from working professionals who will write about your character, your commitment to hard work and your plans for success.
  4. Important note: faculty and staff of Walnut Hill College CANNOT write a letter of reference for you.
  5. Consider asking your current employer, a previous employer, a previous faculty member, a previous school or college employee, a doctor, an attorney, a religious leader, the owner or executive in a company. Ask them all!
  6. Request an official transcript from Mr. Pilch. He will make certain that it is sealed with the college seal.
  7. You already have two letters of reference in your admissions file. If you believe that these references are strong enough for your scholarship application, you can email Mr. Pilch and ask him to make two copies for you.
  8. A 500-word essay (maximum 500 words) that covers:
  • Your goals and objectives after graduation.
  • What prompted you to choose this career?
  • Contributions you have made to your school program or to fellow students through leadership/participation.
  • Why is obtaining this scholarship important to you?
  • If your application is not accepted, what plans do you have for financing?
  1. Need help in writing a short 500-word essay about yourself? No problem!
    • We are hold two essay writing seminars. They will be fast, practical and effective:
    • Scholarship Writing Seminar # 1 – Friday March 8 – 10:00 AM conference


  • Scholarship Writing Seminar # 2 – Thursday March 14 –2:00 PM conference room
  1. The HEWH recommends that you mail everything required at the same time.

More helpful info from the NEWH:

The NEWH has awarded over $8.5 million dollars in scholarships.

 Make sure that some of that money supports your as you earn your degree!

If you need a PDF version of the application, you can download it HERE.

Disclaimer: This information is being provided as part of Walnut Hill College’s commitment to providing information and support for our students seeking funding for their education. Walnut Hill College is not involved in the selection and awarding of this scholarship.