Walnut Hill College is committed to making your educational experience valuable. To assist with this, our college offers a range of scholarships and scholarship opportunities.

Full details of our package of awards and grants will be available to all admitted students. Each student application is different as is their eligibility for awards. After you are admitted, the applicant (and their family) will have a one-on-one meeting with Walnut Hill College’s financial aid office to discuss what awards they may be eligible. Below are some of the highlights of awards and grants we offer our admitted students who enroll.

Academic Excellence Awards

Walnut Hill College recognizes academic achievement by our students both incoming and current students. This means incoming students may qualify for a merit based scholarship for their first year. After a student is enrolled, their academic performance within the college lays the foundation for further merit scholarship. Students are reviewed annually and awarded merit scholarships in their second, third, and fourth year based on their academic success at Walnut Hill College.

We do this so a student that may have struggled at times academically before coming to Walnut Hill College has the opportunity to improve their performance at our college and further enable their path to education and professional success.

Financial Need Awards

Part of our mission at Walnut Hill College is to help students succeed, regardless of their background. We are committed to offering financial need specific financial awards. Need is determined through a student’s FAFSA. You will work with our Financial Aid office after submitting your FAFSA to determine eligibility for these awards.

High School Affinity Groups Awards

Walnut Hill College has a special relationship with a few key high school student groups. These include: FCCLA, DECA, SKILLS USA, and ProStart. Participation in these groups as a high school senior makes an admitted student at Walnut Hill College eligible for affinity group specific awards.

Competitions Awards (Internal and External)

Our team at Walnut Hill College wants our students to thrive to improve themselves and work to be the best in their chosen field. To reward our admitted students who participate (and do well) in competitions related to our industry we offer awards to those who participate and place (top 3) in certain competitions. These are competitions hosted by our high school affinity groups (FCCLA, DECA, SKILLS USA, and ProStart) as well as our very own high school competitions.

To qualify, students will need to certify through a high school/group representative that they participated in and/or placed in a competition with one of these groups.

These students may also explore a competition hosted by Walnut Hill College. You can learn more about these in-house competitions here.

Management Challenge Grants

For our fantastic Hospitality Management students we offer a very special challenge grant. Students who enroll in our Hospitality Management degree may take on the challenge of real life management. These students take on leadership roles, building their skills even further and are rewarded with a grant to assist with their tuition at Walnut Hill College. More details about this program should be discussed with your admissions representative and/or our Financial Aid office.

Please note our awards require information from the FAFSA. In the 2024-2025 cycle (students looking to start Fall 2024), this has meant we are facing delays in providing students full information due to the delays in the FAFSA with the US Government. This is a frustrating situation for everyone, and we, as a college, are committed to working with our applicants through these delays.



Our admissions and financial aid representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about our scholarship opportunities. Please call (267) 295-2311.

Additional Scholarships

In addition to our essay-based scholarships, eligible prospective students may take advantage of the following opportunities: