Our distinguished administration and faculty come from a wide range of educational backgrounds that includes culinary, pastry, and hospitality management degrees, among other impressive degrees of study.

Our Team

Our team members have trained across the United States and in international locales like France and China, bringing with them a distinctly global understanding of the foodservice and hospitality industry. Their knowledge and expertise has earned them positions at some of the most renowned restaurants and hotels and has enabled them to take their experiences and turn Walnut Hill College into the ultimate learning ground run by true experts in their fields.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Academic: Offer a distinctive educational opportunity that prepares students for first-class hospitality career opportunities.
  • Partner: Nurture partnerships, forge new relationships, and explore further opportunities for unique experiential learning.
  • Facility: Enhance and maintain facilities that exhibit our commitment to quality and customer service.
  • Advancement: Continue to advance the institution through effective marketing, enrollment, retention, and management strategies.