Philadelphia’s University City is more than just a neighborhood. It’s the region’s leader in education, science, and innovation, with world-class universities and medical institutions. It’s a destination for food lovers and culture seekers, with internationally-acclaimed dining, museums, and galleries. It’s a vibrant, close-knit community full of idyllic parks and green spaces.

The heart of Walnut Hill College’s campus is a picturesque European courtyard situated in the midst of the “American” college environment. The College’s main building, Allison Mansion, features bright restaurant kitchens, multi-media enhanced lecture halls, computer labs, a library, and four themed, open-to-the-public restaurants, all of which play a major part in educational life. As the College grows and adds new buildings, Allison Mansion continues to serve as the hub of campus life.

The Center for Hospitality Studies, located at 4100 Walnut Street, houses our lecture classrooms, the College Store, and offices for our student success advisors and faculty. There, our students take various General Education classes, including Psychology, World Cultures, Foundations in Research, and many more that give them a well-rounded education while they pursue their degrees.

Our Campus

University City: A Neighborhood that Majors in Student Living and Learning

Walnut Hill College is located at the heart of University City in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a culture deeply rooted in student life, University City is home to many colleges, including The University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and The University of the Sciences. The area is brought to life by students visiting eclectic restaurants, shops, and theaters that entertain and inspire creativity. Best of all, the Greater Philadelphia area is a historical tourist attraction with one of the most renowned food and hospitality scenes. Our Career Services team can help you find the perfect internship from among hundreds of restaurants and hotels in the city. Living and learning at Walnut Hill College will expose you to a world of diversity and career opportunities.


Imagine pursuing your education in the country’s first world heritage city! Philadelphia is known worldwide as a major business, cultural, and educational center. It’s an ideal environment in which to study and experience the culinary and hospitality management industries. Phyllis Richman of the Washington Post said it best: “Perhaps there are four major cuisines: French, Italian, Chinese, and Philadelphian.” And Conde Nast Traveler Magazine named Philadelphia “America’s Best Restaurant City.”

Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love,” is a friendly city–a metropolis with a small-town heart. It’s a city of diverse neighborhoods and heritage. It’s a cultural city with great theaters, museums, restaurants, sports teams, nightlife, historic landmarks, parks, recreational facilities, and so much more.

Philadelphia is a city of firsts: the nation’s first library, hospital, and university. It features true American history and true contemporary American spirit. Last, but certainly not least, Philadelphia is home to some of the country’s leading colleges and universities…

…including Walnut Hill College.