Community Education FAQs

When are Community Education classes/events offered?
Who can participate? Do you have to be an industry professional?
How do I register for a class or event?
What do I bring to a hands-on kitchen class?
Do you sell gift certificates?
Can I book a private class or event?
Do you offer corporate events or team building?
What happens if a class or event gets canceled?
Will I receive a diploma or certificate after completing your classes?
What are your basic program policies?
How do I get a refund?
Where are you located and where can I park?

When are Community Education classes/events offered?

The Community Education program runs between September and June, while Walnut Hill College is in session. There are no Community Education classes or events offered in July or August or when the College is closed for holidays and breaks.

Who can participate? Do you have to be an industry professional?

Not a chef? Don’t know the difference between a Chardonnay and a Pinot Blanc? Not a problem–you’ve come to the right place! The Community Education program is specifically designed to offer non-credit cooking classes and events to people who enjoy food and fine dining and are interested in expanding their skills and knowledge–or just want to have some fun! You do not need to have culinary school or restaurant management experience to register for any of our program offerings.

The Community Education program is open exclusively to participants 18 years of age or older unless expressly stated in a class or event description.

How do I register for a class or event?

Please visit our online store and click on the “Community Education Programming” category.

What do I bring to a hands-on kitchen class?

Many hands-on kitchen classes do not require students to bring anything with them. If students are required to bring their own tools to a class, it will be expressly stated in the class description and a detailed list of required items will be provided.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes! Community Education classes and challenge dinners make wonderful and unique gifts. You can purchase a Community Education gift certificate in our online store.

If you are still in possession of a plastic gift card and would like to convert it for use in the online store, please contact

Can I book a private class or event?

Absolutely! If you’d like to book a hands-on kitchen class or challenge dinner just for you and your friends, please visit our Private Classes page.

Do you offer Corporate Events or Team Building?

Walnut Hill College now offers corporate cooking events where YOU become the chef for a night! Join our professional chef instructors to team up and implement a multi-course menu, learning how to communicate with and rely on each other to create the dishes successfully from start to finish! Learn more here.

What happens if a class or event gets canceled?

The Office of Community Education strives to provide a full and diverse catalog of classes and events. However, from time to time, we are simply unable to reach the enrollment minimums required. When this happens, we, unfortunately, must cancel the under-enrolled class or event. Participants are informed of such a situation one week before the class or event date, barring any emergency or inclement weather that renders such notice impossible. In the case of any cancellation, a registrant will receive a refund as outlined in our Refund Policy.  

Will I receive a diploma or certificate after completing your classes?

All Community Education classes are non-credit. They are classes offered in the spirit of personal enrichment and are meant to be taken for recreation. We do not issue diplomas or certificates for these classes and they are not recognized as part of the College’s associate or bachelor’s degree programs. If you are interested in enrolling in one of our degree-granting majors, please visit our Degree Programs page.

What are your BASIC PROGRAM Policies?


  • All classes and events are located in the Allison Mansion at Walnut Hill College, unless expressly stated in class or event description.
  • All classes and events must be pre-paid in full prior to a participant’s arrival on campus. Payment and Registration for classes and events is done exclusively through our online store.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or limit the size of any class or event and/or to alter its location, curriculum, ingredients, chef, recipes, tuition, fees and policies as deemed necessary.
  • Students may be required to bring their own cooking utensils to hands-on kitchen classes; if this is the case, it will be expressly stated in the class description.
  • Most of the Community Education Program is open exclusively to participants 18 years of age or older, unless expressly stated in class or event description. For safety reasons, students in our hands-on kitchen classes are strongly advised to wear closed toed shoes with a non-slip sole at all times. Injuries or damages resulting from the participant refusing to follow these suggested dress code guidelines will be the sole responsibility of the participant and the College will not be held liable.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our kitchens are not 100% handicap accessible and may require the use of stairs.
  • Please be advised that food prepared in all kitchens on campus may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish, as well as many other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Community Education hands-on kitchen classes make no guarantee of vegetarian, vegan or other special diet options unless expressly stated in class description.  Participants with special diets/allergies are asked to use their best judgment when enrolling.  All kitchen work areas and table tops are wiped down with a disinfectant after every use.  If you have an allergy and are concerned about taking a class, please email us at with your questions and concerns.  We are not liable for allergic reactions to food used in class. We will do our best meet your needs; however, we cannot guarantee the class curriculum/recipes will be able to be adjusted.


We will accept only the following method as a valid refund request:

1. Visit our online store and go to the Sign-In page.
2. Enter the email address and password created at the time of purchase to access the Completed Orders page.
3. Find the item that you wish to return and click the maroon “Return Item(s)” link to the left of it.
4. Fill out the information on this page and then click the “Submit Return Request” button at the bottom of the page.

At this point, your return request will be submitted to the Walnut Hill College online store for processing. When it has been processed, you will receive an email with more details. This return request will be time-stamped so that you will be entitled to the correct refund amount as detailed below. Phone calls, voicemails, and/or emails will not be accepted as valid forms of order cancellation.

Refund Policy: 

All refunds will be at the discretion of the College. All refunds will be returned in the same method it was rendered at time of purchase.

No-shows:  We do not give refunds or allow make-ups for “no shows”, for missed classes or events, or for day-of cancellations.

Events Cancelled by College:  A refund will be processed in full if the College must cancel an event at any time, or if a registrant requests to withdraw his/her enrollment seven (7) business days or more before the NEW start date of that event.

6-Week Series: No refunds will be given for a missed class of a 6-Week series.

Weather cancellations:  In the event of a weather emergency and the scheduled class must be cancelled, the Office of Community Education will issue a full refund.  If the registrant was gifted the cancelled class, the college will issue store credit to use towards another class.  During inclement weather conditions, we continually follow news weather reports and makes the best decision.  If the college decides NOT to cancel a class, refunds will not be given for participants who choose to otherwise cancel their registration.

Customer Cancellations:  If you must cancel your registration, please email us at Given our capacity to purchase, prepare, and serve food and beverages, as well as hire the required staff for Community Education programming, it is highly unlikely that the College would be able to incur any financial losses caused by customer cancellations.  A reminder email is sent to customers one (1) week prior to the start date of any event.

Any and all cancellations made by customers will result in a refund based only on the following criteria:

7 days or more prior to event date = 100% Refund

6-4 days prior to the Class/Event Date =50% of the Tuition Paid

3-2 days prior to the Class/Event Date = 25% of the Tuition Paid

1 day or less prior to the Class/Event Date = NO REFUND AMOUNT RETURNED

Please allow at least 5-7 business days to receive a refund. Some refunds may be issued in the form of a check by USPS.

Where are you located and where can I park?

All Community Education classes and events take place inside the historic Allison Mansion at 4207 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, unless expressly stated in the class or event description. Guests are welcome to use our FREE gated parking lot directly off of Walnut Street between 42nd and 43rd Streets. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please enter the main entrance to be directed to your class or event by a College representative.