Welcome to Walnut Hill College

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a rewarding career in the Hospitality Industry! Whether you have chosen to be a great chef, pastry chef, or hospitality manager, Walnut Hill College is committed to supporting you in achieving your academic and career goals!


Please see our full academic calendar for a full listing of all important dates during the academic year!

First Class (freshman orientation)

First Class, our Freshman Orientation programming, is a required event for ALL INCOMING STUDENTS, RLL and Commuter students alike!

During First Class you will review the College’s Student Handbook that outlines policies and procedures that relates to classes, uniforms, and campus life. Do you want to know more about what to wear to class, grooming standards for kitchens, financial aid, or even our International Travel Experiences? Our Student Handbook will give you the answers to all your questions. Click on the green box on this page to download the Student Handbook.


Our First Class events for the start of the 2024 Spring term are scheduled for:

Saturday, February 3rd 2024 for all students.


Freshman showcase

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 14th when WHC celebrates its Class of 2024!

Our Freshman Showcase event is a fun filled evening where the friends and family of our new freshman are invited to come to campus, visit their students, and experience some of what they have learned during their first few months at Walnut Hill College!

All freshman student should expect to be a part of the interactive event on campus where your family members will:

  • Travel through our six teaching kitchens as they taste their way through WHC.
  • Enjoy your students as they demonstrate what they’ve learned in our pastry and culinary kitchens.
  • Experience our Tableside cookery presented by our management students.
  • Interact with our Chef Faculty as they provide culinary and pastry demonstrations.
  • Explore the world of wines in our wine and cheese tasting room.
  • Learn more about our International Study Tour Courses to France, England, and Florida and the Bahamas.
  • …and much, much more!

This wonderful gastronomic immersion is a great way to visit the college and experience all that your students have already learned!