Attending a Small College

Sep 15, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

by Kady Fox

During these past two years at Walnut Hill College, I have learned how much it means to me to attend a smaller institution. At Walnut Hill College, we are treated like hospitality professionals, just like how we expect to be treated outside of college in the work force. Each new start of students grow together and build a strong bond, whether you see it within your own group or you witnessed it in the most recent graduated class of students. This bond becomes very noticeable in the Associate’s degree program trip to either France or Florida. I enjoy coming to class and spending time on campus because I feel as if I am learning every day from my classmates, including both under and upperclassmen.

At small institutions like Walnut Hill College, students get the freedom to express their passion with the support of faculty and staff. Each member of our faculty is passionate and knowledgeable about their specific subject area. They also are passionate about helping students succeed which helps to create an amazing atmosphere within the classroom. There is always someone in this college willing to help turn a passion or idea into a reality. Through the assistance of our faculty, we have had students start with creating custom menus and follow through the process all the way to turning those menus into a full-fledged, functioning restaurant.

The community at this college is strong and I am proud to attend, support, and be supported by my fellow classmates and staff at Walnut Hill College. To meet various staff and faculty members at Walnut Hill College, click here.

Kady Fox, Student Leader

B.S. in Hotel Management Candidate, Class of July 2017