Tips for Success at the Career Fair on October 5th

Sep 21, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

by Thaddeus Meyers

September is just about over and everyone €™s favorite month is almost here. That €™s right, October! We all know that October means our favorite and most useful event that our college has to offer is approaching quickly €¦the CAREER FAIR on October 5th!

October 5th  Wednesday

9:00am to 12:00pm  

European Courtyard

This exclusive fair connects the most successful and innovative hospitality companies

With the best & brightest upcoming hospitality stars (our students and alumni)

Vendors are looking to fill  internships  and job positions in

Culinary,  Hospitality Management,  

Pastry and  Restaurant Management.

Here are some extremely useful tips to look good, feel good, and most importantly make a great first impression to prospective employers.


Making eye contact to an employer is the most important trait to keep in mind while trying to land a job. Growing up in the generation of cell phones and technology we sometimes get in the habit of looking down when we speak to people which is not something an employer wants to see.


Be sure to shake your fellow prospective employers hand with a smile when meeting them. A simple firm handshake while making eye contact will go a long way with employers. People always say you learn a lot about a person by the way they shake your hand.


The key to succeeding in anything we do in life is being confident. While speaking to an employer be sure to be confident and sound confident in your ability to perform in a work environment. No matter the experience we have, we all have to start somewhere and being confident in yourself will always be beneficial.


The easiest and most common step to miss is dressing appropriately for career fair. Dressing business professional reflects you as a student and our wonderful college. If you are reading this and wondering €œhow do I know if I am dressed appropriately? €, just go with the safe route and over dress. My rule of thumb personally as a male going to career fair or a job interview is to wear a full suit with a tie because you can always take your jacket off if need be.


Being comfortable is great, but being too comfortable in a professional environment is not great. When we speak to prospective employers or even our peers during career fair, I recommend to try our best to be as polite as possible and remember our manners. A please and thank you will only benefit your chances of landing a job or internship at career fair.

I hope that these recommendations are useful and you try to make the most of your career fair! Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be scared. Be confident, smart, and professional and you will have no problem having a fantastic career fair. Also, do not forget to check out our Careers & Alumni page for various resources to support your career!

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Thaddeus Meyers, Student Leader

B.S. in Culinary Arts Candidate, Class of March 2017