Where we come from

As Walnut Hill College (sadly) prepares to say goodbye to another group of graduates this March, some of our Student Leaders take a moment to reflect on why they chose to study and work in the foodservice and hospitality industry and what (thankfully) led them here.

By Steven Benton, Victoria Green, and Morgan Getler

From left to right: Victoria Green, Steven Benton, and Morgan Getler

Walnut Hill College is a wonderful college that provides so much knowledge throughout both the hands-on and lecture courses. When I started here as a freshman, I had a slight background in the pastry industry from my vocational high school and previous jobs. Considering I already had four years of experience in the pastry field, I came to the college thinking, “How much more could I really learn?” It ended up being very flawed thinking on my part, as I learned way more in my first two terms as a freshman than I did throughout my four years in the industry. I have gained so many skills, from hospitality and communication to actual knife skills and kitchen terms. As a result of the knowledge gained from the program up to this point, I am currently an assistant pastry chef at Wishbone, a small restaurant where I have full control of the Pastry Department when I am there. Walnut Hill College has rapidly broadened my understanding of the kitchen and how it works, and I find myself updating my resume constantly. This college has gotten me so far and I can’t wait to see how much farther I will go because of it.

-Victoria Green, Student Leader

Pastry Arts, Class of July 2019


When I interviewed for my current job, I had just finished orientation to begin my first freshman term at Walnut Hill College. I spoke to the current food and beverage director, and he inquired about my schooling and the content I was learning. When I explained the courses I was enrolled to take, he seemed very impressed. After I was hired, he took on the general manager position and continued to follow up with my progress in college, always helping me in areas I struggled in and giving me real-life, hands-on applications. The food and beverage position is still open, and now that my boss has seen what I have learned and where I am going in my career, he has made it known to me that I am being considered for the spot. Throughout my time here I have moved up in the company, all thanks to the education I have received at Walnut Hill College. Had I not learned fine dining etiquette and cost control, I would not be successful in both the banquet section and bar section of the establishment. I am excited to continue to move up in the company, and thanks to my schooling, many doors have been opened. From starting as a server in the bar and banquet to moving up to floor manager and banquet captain/wedding concierge, I have no one but Walnut Hill College to thank.

-Morgan Getler, Student Leader

Restaurant Management, Class of July 2019


I started off my journey in the hospitality field in ninth grade, when I was able to pick Culinary Arts as my technical shop. I learned as much as possible under the direction of Chef Colin Marsh and I worked in the back of house at a brewery for three years as a line cook. In the twelfth grade, I was looking for colleges and I found Walnut Hill College. Truthfully, I didn’t know which major to go into, but as I visited the college I met Professor Simonis, and he inspired me to pursue Restaurant Management. He taught me so much as I went through my associate degree in Restaurant Management. I owe it to Professor Simonis for helping me to choose my major. I try my best to absorb as much information out of every opportunity I get from the college, and as I begin my final terms here at Walnut Hill College, I can’t help but think about where I came from…

-Steven Benton, Student Leader

Restaurant Management, Class of July 2018

6 signs you should invest in culinary school

No one is naturally an expert in culinary arts. However, if you have raw talent and an interest in cooking as a profession, then receiving technical training may be just what you need to take your skills to the next level and propel yourself into a rewarding career. Still on the fence? The following six signs should guide you in making the decision to go to culinary school.

1. Desire to improve culinary skills

Do you find yourself always wishing you were able to cook better? Apart from teaching you innovative recipes, a culinary school will help you to establish a solid foundation of key skills for preparing meals.

2. Looking to explore your creative side

Did you know that cooking is an art? Culinary school will show you how to take raw ingredients and turn them into an original meal. Think about what it would take to design a decadent dinner–and imagine how much easier it would be after earning a top-notch culinary education!

3. Looking for work in restaurants

Culinary school is one of the best gateways to a career in the foodservice and fine dining industry. If your desire is to work in a top restaurant, sign up for a Culinary Arts degree to receive professional training.

4. Desire to be your own boss

Do you have a passion for cooking? Have you always thought of becoming your own boss? It’s time to attend culinary school. After college, you can start a food truck, catering company, or restaurant. If anything, you will now be an expert in anything cooking-related.

5. Looking for personal and professional growth

Learning how to cook can be a fun and fulfilling experience. If you put your heart into it, it might just be the beginning of your career. And getting the guidance of expert chef instructors will no doubt steer you in the right direction and help you to determine exactly what path you want to take in the industry.

6. You want to meet like-minded people

It’s not easy to meet people who share a similar, deep interest in cooking outside of culinary school. By enrolling in a degree program, you’ll surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can inspire you to create imaginative dishes and become lifelong friends and industry contacts.

Don’t put off your dream of going to culinary school anymore. Join us at Walnut Hill College today!

Walnut Hill College students debut new menu with dishes from around the world

As everyone begins getting used to 2018, another group of Walnut Hill College bachelor students prepares to present its senior capstone menu from February 6 to April 14. The brand-new menu was constructed by 23 very talented students, all with an eye for excellent hospitality. Over the next 10 weeks, when you come to dine at the International Bistro, you will have the chance to enjoy this delectable assortment of food and see our bachelor students mentoring some of the freshmen and sophomores on how to run the restaurant.

The range of dishes on this new menu allows guests to experience popular foods from around the world while enjoying the ambiance of the International Bistro here in University City. Starting with the appetizers, the Caribbean Goat Tacos are topped with fresh pineapple and red onion and remind guests of the warm summer months when they take a bite of the tender tortilla. The savory and salty notes of the goat blend very well with the sweet, cooling sensation of the pineapple, while the red onion gives you the needed acidity and bite to make your tasting experience complete. On the milder—but just as flavorful—side, the Balsamic Chicken Flatbread will take you to Italy as you experience the sweet and tangy balsamic vinaigrette combined with the grilled chicken and crispy flatbread to create an amazing flavor combination! And, of course, we couldn’t forget dessert. The Lemon-Ginger Mousse Bomb is delicate yet packed with hints of lemon and ginger, and the raspberry powder used as a garnish adds a tartness that really sets this dessert over the top. Overall, the menu includes five offerings each for appetizers, entrées, desserts, and cocktails, all of which will be available now through April 14.

We welcome you to experience the delightfully tasty menu that our bachelor students have worked hard to create. To see the full menu and make your reservation for this limited-time engagement, visit us on OpenTable or call (215) 222-4200.

International Bistro

Salmon Croquette
Al Pastor Tacos
Spring Rolls
Asparagus Salad
Tom Yum
Chimichurri Skirt Steak
Peri-Peri Chicken
Pesto Fettuccine
Lemon Garlic Trout
Crème Brûlée and Macarons
Latin Trio
Sweet Sushi
Lemon Meringue Pie
Blackberry Smash
Rum Punch
Cucumber Cooler
Strawberry Passion Fruit Margarita
Inside the International Bistro
Allison Bar at the International Bistro
Inside the International Bistro
Inside the International Bistro

Reservations may also be made by calling (215) 222-4200.