Walnut Hill College Culinary Arts Competition

The Culinary Arts Competition challenges students to cook chicken and one side dish using an array of ingredients provided in our kitchens. While everyone receives the same chicken recipe, each student must create their own side dish without using a printed recipe on competition day. This twist to the competition really brings out the inventive cooking ideas we love to see!

Walnut Hill College Pastry Arts Competition

For our Pastry Arts Competition, all of the students must bake a chocolate cake at home in advance of the competition. What sets each cake apart is the extraordinary design work that each student puts into his or her confection! Whether they choose to design a simple but elegant cake or go all out with a multi-colored, multi-layered masterpiece, the students are encouraged to be creative.

First Class

First Class- Equipment Distribution

Summer Institute Week 2 of 2

Summer Institute Week 1 of 2

Admissions Open House – Sizzlin’ Summer Barbeque

Admissions Open House – April Showers Bring Edible Flowers

Admissions Open House – April Showers Bring Edible Flowers (Admissions & Financial Aid)

Culinary Competition