Learn about our scholarship competitions and summer programs for high school students!




Every spring, Walnut Hill College holds its very own Culinary and Chocolate Competitions to discover and recognize rising talent among high school students. Each competition is open to juniors and seniors and is separated into two divisions: high school and vocational-technical school.

The Culinary Competition challenges students to create a chicken dish with an array of ingredients that they won’t know about until they arrive in our kitchens. This surprise element to the competition forces the students to think on their feet and really brings out the creative cooking ideas we love to see!

For our Chocolate Competition, all of the students must bake a chocolate cake at home in advance of the competition. What sets each cake apart is the extraordinary design work that each student puts into his or her confection! Whether they choose to create a simple but elegant cake or go all out with a multi-colored, multi-layered masterpiece, the students are encouraged to be original and inventive.

Each division of the Culinary and Chocolate Competitions awards scholarships to three winners in the amounts of $6,000, $3,000, and $1,800 to be used toward tuition at Walnut Hill College. The high school of the first-place winner in each division also receives $500 for its family and consumer science department or culinary arts program.

To register, please download or request a copy of our Competition Booklet and submit the attached registration form.

culinary ARTS SUMMER camp: for freshmen and sophomores


Join us for a two-day adventure into the world of hospitality. We’ve created a hands-on program that will get you involved in culinary and pastry arts as you take a regional gastronomic tour of the United States, with “stops” in New Orleans, Chicago, Georgia, North Carolina, California, the Florida Keys, New Jersey, and, of course, our very own Philadelphia.

In just two days, you’ll gain a true understanding of what this rewarding field has to offer. You’ll also discover what makes Walnut Hill College exceptional: an approach to learning that focuses on YOU–the student.

Download our 2018 Culinary Arts Summer Camp Brochure and submit the attached registration form.

summer institute: for juniors

WEEK 1: July 11-13, 2018

WEEK 2: July 18-20, 2018

Each year, Walnut Hill College presents its Summer Institute for high school juniors. You’ll get a taste of what our college students experience during culinary arts, pastry arts, and management classes catered just to you. For three days, you’ll learn about exciting career options within restaurants and hospitality, participate in fun off-campus events, and meet other students who are just as passionate about the industry as you are.

For more information on our competitions and summer programs, contact the Office of Admissions at (267) 295-2311.