Restaurant Management

Jun 15, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Michelle Montiel

Most of us attending Walnut Hill College are striving to succeed in a career in the hospitality industry. Working long shifts, in particular on weekends, we’ve learned to prioritize and meet the satisfaction of our guests, working to the best of our ability to accommodate their needs. As a student majoring in Restaurant Management, I’ve learned that service is a critical factor in helping customers to decide whether they had an exceptional experience, which will determine their judgment and the chances of them returning. However, it is very important to be a leader and role model as a manager in order to create an environment that encourages your wait staff to boost their morale and provide the unforgettable service your guest deserves.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to be a role model, the reason being that this industry is filled with many employees who may have little experience or even be in their first job. Therefore, it is critical to lead by example and teach them how to cope with the high-stress environment of customer service, which can be challenging but highly appreciated. Proper training also plays a huge role when hiring new employees and making sure your overall staff is capable of aiming for a high performance. Taking the time to train a new employee thoroughly leads to higher employee retention and increased productivity. Listening can set the standard for making employees feel respected. Constantly being involved, talking with individual employees, asking questions, and soliciting ideas are ways to show that their work and opinions are valued. Last, but not least, rewarding exceptional service is key. Recognizing a job well done and showing appreciation for your employees’ hard work can go a long way toward raising morale among staff.

All of these tips and suggestions are very important to succeed in the restaurant industry, allowing you to begin with a positive wait staff that is eager to provide excellent service. As students at Walnut Hill College, we learn effective¬†tactics that will allow us to obtain–and handle successfully–managerial positions, thereby growing and expanding our knowledge within the foodservice and hospitality industry.

-Michelle Montiel, Student Leader
Restaurant Management, Class of July 2018