Life hacks for culinary and hospitality students

Jun 09, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Cecelia Johnson-Chavis

Here are a few tips gathered from some of the Walnut Hill College community to make life a little easier!

1) Mixing bowls stuck together? There’s no sense in trying to pry them open with all of your strength. Instead, wedge one side of a pair of metal tongs between them. With a little pressure, they should separate easily.

2) Commuting with a uniform can be challenging. Keep ironed aprons or shirts pressed between your books or laptop to keep them from getting wrinkled in your backpack.

3) When measuring small amounts, instead of a huge bowl, use a plastic bowl scraper as a vessel. It will save space and be more precise.

4) Invest in ice cream or cookie scoops for fast and even portioning. Whether you’re making sweet or savory foods, they come in handy.

5) Peeling ginger? Don’t waste your time with a vegetable peeler. A metal spoon works just as well and much faster.

6) Suddenly have the hiccups while serving? Spare yourself from a potentially embarrassing moment and swallow a packet of sugar.

Cecelia Johnson-Chavis, Student Leader
Culinary Arts, Class of March 2018