A Home Away From Home

Mar 17, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kimberly Stefanelli and Tyler Fortna

Kimberly Stefanelli

Walnut Hill College has become like a second home to me over the past two years. I’m so glad that I chose to get my education in Pastry Arts here, as I could not have picked a better college. My first time at Walnut Hill College was my junior year of high school. Still unsure of whether attending a hospitality college was the right choice for a career path, I decided to join in on a tour to see what it was like. Instantly after the tour, I fell in love with the ambiance and knew that it was the college for me. Later that year, I attended the Summer Institute program, wishing to see the college again and get a feel for the kitchen. I fell even more in love with Walnut Hill College because of its location in University City and its beautiful and comforting campus. The professors and chefs I met and have now come to know very well made it feel like an instant family, so I knew I’d be making the right choice in going here. From applying and getting accepted, to graduating with my A.S. in Pastry Arts and being currently enrolled in the bachelor program and the Student Leadership Development Institute, I could not be any happier with where I am today.

Kimberly Stefanelli, Student Leader
Pastry Arts, Class of July 2018

Tyler Fortna

Like Kim, I toured the college my junior year of high school and participated in the Summer Institute program the college offers. I instantly fell in love with the college and knew where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to aspire to be. After spending what is now two and a half years at the college and gearing up to graduate and move on to my next journey in life, I feel as if I’ve made a second family here–my home away from home. The chef instructors, both pastry and culinary, are great role models, and each of them has qualities of what I aspire to be like one day. If I could do the whole process over again, there is no question that I would pick this college. Every time you enter through the front doors of Allison Mansion, you notice something that you haven’t seen before and how unique our college is. Just like a famous kitchen saying goes, “there is always a surprise at every corner,” and that couldn’t be any more true about our college.

Tyler Fortna, Student Leader
Pastry Arts, Class of July 2017