How to Make the Most of the End of the Term

Oct 14, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

By Cecelia Johnson-Chavis

Shake up your routine

At such a small college, it can feel like you €™ve seen what there is to see, but we €™ve got quite a lot going on here. Boredom can lead to stagnation, so it €™s sometimes best to shake up the routine! If you usually study in your room, try studying in the library. If you haven €™t partaken in a Student Life Event, see what they €™re about (and get some points while you €™re at it.) Attend a new club meeting or help out with a Community Ed event. They can all be great ways to meet new people and catch some things going on that you may have missed.

Be proactive

It may seem like the term is already behind us, but there is certainly still time to make a strong finish. If you haven €™t been the best with keeping up with your grades, attendance, points, or internship hours, now is the time to really look into it. If you know where you stand in week seven, there shouldn €™t be any surprises week ten. Communicate with your instructors to make sure that you are on the same page and up to date, because a last minute extra credit or missed assignment can make a difference in your final grade for better or for worse.

Ask for help

At WHC, we have a wealth of resources and a very close knit community, and often some relief to our struggles is only a conversation away. If you €™re having trouble and don €™t feel comfortable going directly to the chef or instructor, there are Student Success Advisors, Student Leaders, tutors, other faculty, and even other classmates. Whether you need help improving your performance in a class, finding a job, or even just finding your way around campus, the first step is asking.

Cecelia Johnson-Chavis, Student Leader

Culinary Arts, Class of March 2018