Getting involved on campus makes the college experience

Apr 07, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Daniel Singer and Jasmine Harmon

It is very well known that getting involved in college activities will present you with many benefits. The U.S. News Higher Education site has a list of ways that getting involved in college activities will help students prosper, and it also gives some broad ways that students can have fun getting involved; however, every college is different. Making the full college experience is more than just doing classwork and forming study groups. It is also about bettering yourself and constantly learning, especially here at Walnut Hill College. Along with doing great in your studies, you will notice that many students build friendships with fellow classmates and teachers by bonding over similar interests and life- and industry-related goals. Students grow with their classmates, gaining new skills and abilities from their classes that they can show out in the workforce. Walnut Hill College constantly provides ways for students to get involved on campus and to have fun while learning new things, from clubs to job fairs to Student Life and Learning activities and more.

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The following are some accounts from Jasmine Harmon on ways she has gotten involved on campus:

Since coming to Walnut Hill College I have noticed how beneficial getting involved in campus functions can be. From making new friends with classmates to networking with industry professionals, there is always a chance to further your understanding of the hospitality industry. The Student Life and Learning point system at the College is a great system that allows students to get away from some stress in their life and learn about topics that they are very interested in. There are over 30 different clubs and activities that students can attend throughout the week, from Hospitality Engagement Club and Wine Club to Disney Club and Napkin Folding Club, there is always something new to experience. During those clubs, students learn about something new that interests them and they get to share that new knowledge with friends and family.

In my second term at Walnut Hill College, while attending the Student Life and Learning Awards Ceremony, I encountered a few upperclassmen who went above and beyond getting their mandatory minimum of five points a term by getting around 80 points for one term. Those upperclassmen said that they got those points by having a combination of a passion for what they do and a dedication to their goal of always wanting to learn more. That was an eye-opening moment for me because I saw how getting involved on campus could push you to keep your mind open to new possibilities, and it showed me that, to progress in the hospitality industry, sometimes you need a focused mindset on finishing what you started.

Another way that I have seen students get involved on campus would be volunteering during Community Education classes held at the College for the public. Community Education classes focus on different cuisines and food styles for people interested in learning certain aspects of cooking and baking, taught by chefs from Walnut Hill College and sometimes chefs from local, well-known restaurants. In those classes, volunteers may be asked to assist the chefs while they teach the class or to help serve the food that the students cooked so they can have an enjoyable dining experience. People from all over Philadelphia and sometimes other areas come to the classes, and it is learning experience for both them and our student volunteers.

-Jasmine Harmon, Student Leader
Restaurant Management, Class of July 2018

The following are some accounts from Daniel Singer on ways he has gotten involved on campus:

Since I started at Walnut Hill College in 2014, one of the first things I noticed was how active the campus was in terms of clubs and student activities. Seeing this activity and having the weight of knowing I had to attend at least five events every term seemed like a big deal to someone who just started college and wasn’t sure how college worked. As I started attending these clubs, such as the Cocktail and Wine Clubs with Professor McCartney, Hospitality Engagement Club with Professor Brooks, and Coffee and Tea Club with Ms. Copp, I realized how easy and how awesome it was to start getting involved on campus.

Since the beginning of my first year, I have been pushed into some awesome responsibilities by going to these clubs. For example, I was able to help get students involved with the Community Education classes and the Wine Challenge dinners with Professor McCartney, where we had to study two or three specific wines and present them to about 20 people. Getting involved with these activities, for me, opened doors in the College that I otherwise would not have had opened. Activities like these allow students to connect with teachers and get involved in the hospitality industry in very specific ways. Attending these events, while it is mandatory that we get a minimum of five points a term, is a way of creating a positive, active vibe on campus.

From a professional standpoint, hosting events that create reasons for people to come together is one of the most important aspects of the hospitality business. Creating a network of students who can be each other’s greatest asset when building or working in a business one day is also an awesome thing to be a part of. From a student’s standpoint, having events that keep you engaged and give you reasons to get through college is one of the best motivations we could have.

-Daniel Singer, Student Leader
Restaurant Management, Class of July 2017