Finding that Inspiration

Jan 13, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kady Fox

Life can be distracting, causing us to turn assignments in late, be forgetful, or even lose focus on the important things. I know that distractions affect me and take me away from the order of importance in my life. One thing that keeps me grounded in what I’m doing is my passion for this College and for improving myself. Sometimes, when I am feeling uninspired, I take a moment and talk to some people who inspire me, including my close friends and alumni. Even seeing other people’s passion sometimes inspires me. I believe it is important to find some time to figure out what new things can inspire you. Our College has a slew of alumni success stories, and it’s extremely inspiring to see where our alumni have ended up and what they have done.

Now that I am coming closer to the end of my time here at Walnut Hill College, something I find inspiring is that our College gives us the chance to show our passion in the bachelor program and create a menu together in the course Hospitality Design and Menu Planning. The current student menu is called Taste of Asia and was created by the graduating bachelor class of March 2017! More information and the menu can be found on OpenTable.

Kady Fox, Student Leader
Hotel Management, Class of July 2017