Japchae: A quick and easy side dish

May 17, 2019Culinary ArtsStudent Leadership Development InstituteWHC Food Blog

Hey, everyone! This week, I really wanted to share a dish that is perfect for the summer. When it starts to get warm out, I find myself making all sorts of picnic foods to enjoy outside. I live right near Ridley Creek State Park, and whenever I have a free […]

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Celebrate Cinco de “May-o” with these delicious mayonnaise recipes!

May 05, 2019Culinary ArtsPastry ArtsStudent Leadership Development InstituteWHC Food Blog

By Steven Walsh Hey, everyone! My name is Steven Walsh, and you’re currently reading the new WHC Food Blog. In this, I hope to show some of the recipes and techniques that I use at home and have used in professional settings. I, as well as lots of others here, […]

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Advice for your trips to France, Florida and the Bahamas

Nov 30, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

By Katie Smith, Rachel Bland, Patrick Gendaszek, and Morgan Getler It’s an exciting time of year for many of the Sophomore 3s… it’s time to start getting ready for your trips! These trips are unique experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life, where you will […]

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