For a Limited Time Only, Timeless: A Gastronomic Tour Through the Ages

Mar 31, 2016WHC News

Timeless: A Gastronomic Tour Through the Ages  is the newest pop-up restaurant at Walnut Hill College.   Twenty one Bachelor students have planned and executed every aspect of this limited time experience available March 15th– April 16th 2016. The website with menu and access to reservations can be found here. The menu takes guests from the 16th century through to the 21st with three courses: appetizer, entrée and dessert; the menu is paired with a lovely, inventive cocktail menu. Options are friendly to both meat-eaters and vegetarians in all courses!

Guests are greeted and seated, then introduced to a confident and professional management student who provides a brief overview of the project. This pop-up does not hold back on delicious bread or beautiful presentation; the menu is especially aesthetically pleasing! Every plate looks strategically executed and presents a piece of history (and a piece of something delicious).  Each entrée option is inventive and inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries; one option is a unique and delicious polenta vegetable lasagna. The sweetest and final course boasts modern-time influenced dessert options. For a truly unexpected and lovely taste experience try The Tea Party, you €™ll want to order several to take home for a midnight snack. Timeless is a treat for every palate; the bachelor students strategically planned every aspect of the experience. Don €™t miss out on this limited time pop up!