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We currently have experienced chefs and managers gaining valuable experience in the industry, and your new job opening could be their next step up the ladder to success! If you would like us to share a job opportunity with our network of students and alumni, please follow this process to ensure your post is correctly displayed and quickly distributed so that it reaches the perfect candidate.

Step 1:   Write a job post (maximum 1 page) or download the Job Posting Form.

Step 2:   Save the post as a PDF or Word Doc.

Step 3:   Email it as an attachment to

All submissions received by Monday will be sent the following Thursday. A post is listed only once unless you indicate in your email that you would like us to list it multiple times. To share the same post more than once, please indicate how many weeks you would like it listed or resubmit it each week. Due to the number of job posts we receive, we do not send confirmation emails to employers; however, you may sign up for the Job Board email list to view your posts.